W1S1 [ıˈvent] n
2¦(social gathering)¦
4 in any/either event
5 in the event
6 in the event of something
7 in the normal course of events
[Date: 1500-1600; : Latin; Origin: eventus, from the past participle of evenire 'to happen']
something that happens, especially something important, interesting or unusual
one of the most important events in the history of mankind
Leaving home was a major event in his life.
the events which led up to the prime minister's resignation
Police are trying to reconstruct the sequence of events on the night of the murder.
His resignation triggered a chain of events (=series of events which each cause the next one to happen) that led eventually to the downfall of the government.
Nothing you could have done would have changed the course of events (=the way in which events happened) .
a performance, sports competition, party etc at which people gather together to watch or take part in something
The conference was an important social event (=an event at which people can meet each other) .
one of the major sporting events of the year
charity/fund-raising etc event
The school raises money by organizing fund-raising events.
one of the races or competitions that are part of a large sports competition
The next event will be the 100 metres.
The 800 metres is not his best event.
4.) in any/either event also at all events
used to say that something will definitely happen or be true in spite of anything else that may happen
= ↑in any case
I might see you tomorrow, but I'll phone in any event.
5.) in the event
used to emphasize what actually happened in a situation as opposed to what you thought might happen
= as it happened
Extra police officers were brought in, although in the event the demonstration passed off peacefully.
6.) in the event of sth also in the event that sth happens
used to tell people what they should do if something happens
He left a letter for me to read in the event of his death.
7.) in the normal course of events
if things happen in the normal way
In the normal course of events, the money should be released within about three months.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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